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I'm a Machine Learning engineer working for Klarna in Stockholm, Sweden. I work in the AI & Automation group, where we are tackling the problem of web automation at scale.

Prior to this, I completed my PhD in Astrophysics in 2018. I worked on a wide range of topics in astronomy, machine learning and statistics.


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Concerns of a Data Guy

The Homepage of Jim Barrett

Welcome to Jim Barrett's website. I'm a machine learning research engineer working at Klarna in Stockholm, Sweden.

My work with Klarna has had me work a lot with webpages and web technologies, and I decided that it would be a good learning opportunity to build a website myself, from scratch. So, my apologies that this isn't the prettiest website around. The site is, however, completely open source, which you can see on GitHub.

The site is intended to be something of a playground for me to learn web development, JavaScript and other fun stuff. I'm also planning to use it to host a blog, as and when I have some interesting stuff to write about. I'll also try to maintain it as a sort of 'live CV'.